La localidad que vio nacer al navegante Juan Sebastián Elkano

Old Town

The old town of Getaria is located on a rocky headland which stands opposite the island of San Anton, artificially joined to the coast since the fifteenth century. Between San Anton and the old town, is situated Getaria port, which represented the main source of wealth of the people for centuries and still retains an important fishing. The medieval streets descend in parallel by old town to the sea.



Even girded in part by the modern remains of its walls, the old town of custody Getaria its attractions, among others,, the church of San Salvador, Zarautz and Ibáñez Ochoa de Olano Towers, and the remains of many palaces and Gothic and Baroque houses, and several archaeological sites of great historical value. The lively streets of the old town are also one of the centers of social life and the renowned maritime gastronomy from Getaria. Highlights include grills, located on the street, which is a key architectural element of several buildings, restaurants, and cultural landscape of the village.