La localidad que vio nacer al navegante Juan Sebastián Elkano

Old dock

The dock has been for centuries the main economic engine of Getaria. The natural harbor created by Mount St. Anton, which since Roman times allowed for the development of maritime activities, from the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries was already insufficient. The boom in activities such as trade, naval transport and fisheries in Galician waters, British Isles and Iceland, required increasing boats. It became increasingly necessary to the provision of appropriate springs to the increasing development of maritime activities. The construction of the dock ripped mid XV century. To finance the work, King Juan II in 1452 granted permission to Getaria implementing various taxes on trade that developed in the port. The result was the construction of a dock which for centuries was the basis of economic development Getaria. This infrastructure consists of two main elements: the pier itself, built in the lee of the island of San Anton, and the boardwalk linking the dock to the mainland. Getaria port became the main port of refuge Gipuzkoa, Suitable to accommodate even entire squads of war. In fact, in 1638 the French Navy tried to seize the port but during the battle of Getaria was refused landing. The dock, from 1919 has undergone several expansions to acquire the physiognomy currently presented. They are still visible remnants of the original pier, leaning against the side of San Anton and transformed, in large part, on a ramp draft.