La localidad que vio nacer al navegante Juan Sebastián Elkano

Monument to Juan Sebastian Elkano

Juan Sebastián Elkano,Getaria born in 1487, would go down in history as the first sailor to circumnavigate the world. Boarded in 1519 in the expedition commanded by Magellan when Magellan died, Elcano took command, successfully completing the journey on September 6, 1522, arriving at Sanlucar de Barrameda. In 1922, on the occasion of the 4th centenary of the journey, you begin to build a monument to his figure. The project, designed by Victorio Macho, born in Palencia, in line with the Art Deco style then in vogue, stands on a former stronghold of the seventeenth century Getaria wall, which serves as a base. The monument is topped by a winged victory, the image of the masks that adorned the bow of the ships. At the bottom there is a relief depicting Juan Sebastian Elcano: Inside the building, an inscription recalls the names of other members of the crew, with Elkano, managed to complete the journey.