La localidad que vio nacer al navegante Juan Sebastián Elkano

The lookout of mount San Antón

From the watchtower, are seen the openings of all ports in Gipuzkoa, well as those located in the eastern third of Bizkaia. The system of Mount San Antón lookout had two watchtowers positions, one on the top of the mountain and the other on the rock that stands on its north end. They are now visible the watchtower booth, popularly known as Katxapo, twentieth century work, and a small cylindrical lookout tower. The watchtowers met in the past with various functions that were crucial to the development of economic activities in each locality. First, is observed and warned of the arrival of storms and gales and warships or privateers enemies for all fishing boats to take refuge in the harbor. Secondly, the presence of whale watching and shoal of fish for fishermen would come out as soon as possible to their fishing. The whale watching was a key role, especially during the Middle Ages, and its capture was the main economic resource that enabled the creation of towns like Getaria. Third, be warned of the presence of large vessels arriving at the port wanted and needed to be towed, so that Sailors come to his aid Getaria. Fourth, traffic was accounted for the remaining naval ports around in order to obtain information that was vital to negotiate prices of goods brought to the port the foreign merchant, generally cereals, pulses and salt.