La localidad que vio nacer al navegante Juan Sebastián Elkano

Historic Heritage

The most significant aspect of Getaria is its old town. The ancient part of Getaria is located between the ridge that connects Mount San Anton to the ground (where the port is located) and the hive that overlooks the coast of Getaria.

Its plan is rectangular, consisting of parallel streets and indirect corners. The several heights are surmounted by stairs and slopes. At first the people were surrounded by walls and towers, but these elements are hardly maintained today.

It is well known that the anecdote which passes under the church of St. Salbador connects the High Cale with the steps that lead us to the harbour. That story is called Catrapona and it 's a clue to the old defenses. The most significant monuments we can find on the old side are the church of St. Salbador and the ancient stone towers.