La localidad que vio nacer al navegante Juan Sebastián Elkano

Hermitage of San Prudencio

The hermitage of San Prudencio is set in the neighborhood of the same name, located in the back of the helmet height of Getaria, the stretch of road from Santiago to the coast connecting the center of the village with the district Askizu. Although the first documents referring to it, from the fifteenth century, the archaeological work in the building have revealed its medieval origins and remains of a necropolis of the time. In construction, sober and low-lying, open the cover stands in its southern facade, under a wooden atrium. It is a vain ogival, gothic trace,, wide keystone, tour of a simple ribbed decoration and rows of dots and circles incised . Inside, the chapel custody of San Prudencio images and a Gothic sculpture of the Madonna and child. Tradition attributes to a stone at the shrine miraculous virtues as a remedy against headaches.