La localidad que vio nacer al navegante Juan Sebastián Elkano

Fishing Port

Since the island of San Antón and the people joined in the sixteenth century, the port of Getaria has been one of the safe havens of the Cantabrian Sea, and important point of inshore fishing.

Today is one of the most important ports in coastal fisheries along the Basque coast. Species such as "Anchoa, Bonito and Verdel" each year are the main protagonists of their fishing campaigns.

The Basque Government has invested heavily, giving it one of the best coastal infrastructure, building a new road access, docks, loading and unloading areas and docks for pleasure boats. Getaria port today has the ideal infrastructure for port and recreational fishing.



  •  Situation: l= 43 -18,4 N L= 02 -12 W
  •  Tide Race: 4,5 m
  •  Inlet: Width: 50 m
  •  Calado en B.M.V.E: 9 m
  •  Orientation: SE 
  •  Cars docks: 2 privados 
  •  Cranes: 1, de 5 Tm 
  •  Travelift, de 30 Tm 
  •  Repair and carpentry (wood fiber) 
  •  Water service 
  •  Fuel service 
  •  ELectricity service
  •  Heliport 
  •  Naval Supplies