La localidad que vio nacer al navegante Juan Sebastián Elkano

Aldamar Tower


It was owned by the lords of Aldamar, related to the family of the house of Zarautz. As stated, this ancient tower house was known as "The Watchtower". In the early seventeenth century was rebuilt, forming a large palace complex, Lope Isasti Martinez historian , 1625 relates as follows: “Main is old. The owners of it served the Emperor Charles V in Tunisia and other times with their ships”. The stately building was attached to the wall of the front Getaria ground. It had orchards and other departments which include the imposing building, like a tower, which served as a store of grain and other products, acquired through extensive rents charged by Aldamar, also through their trade relations. Today the building of the tower-store is the only surviving remnant of the great palace complex of Aldamar. The noble part, attached to the wall, was completely destroyed during the siege and subsequent assault suffered by the Carlist villa in 1835-1836. Despite having undergone renovations, retains its ashlar sandstone masonry walls, and the great cover of arch that led to the warehouse that was covered by a dome.